We think this will help you understand us better. After years of working for and managing small to large fortune 500 staffing agencies, Founder, Owner, and CEO Patrick Holmes decided to establish his own staffing agency, Elevate. He mirrored some of the best practices from those staffing agencies and created his own identity in Elevate. He decided to eliminate the bureaucracy and red tape he experienced while working for the larger staffing firms. His primary goal was to get the most qualified associate to his client partners in the shortest amount of time. Realizing the longer it takes to get the right associate to a client, is costing the client money. The concept of being available to his clients 24/7 is not a concept with Elevate it's a reality. Patrick lives and breathes being available to his external and internal clients 24/7. Every team member with Elevate shares the same philosophy. We apply our mission by creating our business principles we practice upon them. We measure Elevate 's success, one client at a time.

We have leveraged our abilities to better understand how the needs of our clients relate to the markets they supply or service, and by applying this simple practice into all we do, Elevate is proud to offer innovative practices that work and the core staffing solutions our partner clients can rely on.

To say Elevate provides exceptional staffing services is true. That's the foundation of who and what we are – but it hardly encompasses all things Elevate.. Our services have become a way for our clients to expand on the value of their staffing/ outsourcing needs. Many clients feel that the staffing company they partner with should be (and is) a direct reflection of their own quality. Choosing Elevate allows them the comfort in knowing they are well represented and can count on Elevate commitment to success as an HR & staffing agency which in turn either, positively affects the processes we manage for them, or is reflected in the level of staffing services we provide.

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