Elevate TH Staffing
Lisa Price, Past Associate
I have been given the opportunity to go permanent with Meag Power as an Administrative Assistant. You guys have been a wonderful vehicle to my success here at Meag-had it not been for you exposing me to such a wonderful company I wouldn't have had the opportunity to be here. …I find you guys to be very professional, friendly and very helpful in making sure that the employees are happy during the process. …and for that I will tell all of my friends who are seeking employment to contact you.
Shelley, Current Associate
I have been employed with Elevate TH Staffing since Nov 29th, and have loved my job since I walked through the front door. I have been given a great opportunity to work for a large corporate company and hopefully get hired on to a full time position. I am very proud and honored to be a part of such a wonderful team!
Alycia, Current Associate
Elevate TH Staffing gave me an opportunity of a lifetime. It opened up doors that, as a young adult, I never could imagine having. I enjoy working amongst my colleagues; everyday in the office is a positive one. This position has taught me organization and tactfulness. I am truly thankful to be a part of Elevate's staff; I am glad they believed in me enough to allow me to expand my horizons!
Bettina, Associate of Elevate
I have been with Elevate for almost a year now and my experience so far has been pleasant. Every assignment that I have been placed has been appropriate according to my skills and work experiences. The staff is very friendly and makes sure that my experience on each assignment benefits me, as well as the employer.
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