The ROI on using Contingency Staffing Services:

Do you need to hire someone to help out on a temporary or project basis? Is it time to add another person to your team? Maybe you have a special project going on that requires an extra pair of hands for a specific time frame or you need assistance on the busiest days of the week or times of the month. Whether you're looking for part time or full time help on a temporary or permanent basis, it's a good idea to consider using a staffing agency to find the right person to help you rather than trying to do so yourself.

Staffing agencies find, evaluate, and match temporary and direct hire job seekers with employers every day. Because this is the primary role of the business, they are highly experienced in understanding the dynamics of job seekers and employers and can skillfully identify the right candidate for the right position. Let's explore the advantages of using a staffing agency for your recruitment needs.

1. We can save you money...
By utilizing temporary staffing instead of making direct hires, all costs associated with processing and administering payroll and benefits are transferred from your company to the staffing agency. This can help you control costs, improve production, and manage risk. Unlike short-term direct hire employees, temporary personnel work for the staffing agency – not you. As a result, their unemployment claims don't affect your bottom line. In addition, overtime and benefits are costs that can be eliminated by using a staffing agency. On average, benefits can cost 20 – 25 percent in excess of payroll expenses. Using temporary and payrolled employees in place of regular full time employees will also reduce your employment risks.

2. We can save you valuable time...
Remember the old saying, "time is money" think about the hundreds of resumes sitting in your inbox. At Elevateth Staffing, we have thousands of qualified candidates lined up and ready to go to of the largest candidate databases in the country! Additionally, our recruiters specialize in the fields for which they recruit, giving you the ability to focus on core competencies while we do the sourcing and interviewing – saving you valuable time.

3. Thorough screening and management of candidates...
Hiring the wrong person can cost an enormous amount of money. Elevateth Staffing follows a thorough application, testing, and screening process for both temporary personnel and direct hires, which increases your chances of getting the right candidate. Depending on the discipline, we can test on hundreds of software applications, ensuring your candidate is qualified with the skills and experience your company requires.

4. Experienced candidates...
Training is another expense that affects your bottom line. It not only shows up in dollars, but in lower productivity and poorer quality that result from employing inexperienced staff. Eliminate training costs and improve quality and productivity by employing trained temporary employees. By working closely with your staffing agency, you gain access to candidates who are well trained and have experience in the skills your company needs – no training required!

5. Increased productivity...
In troubled economic times, many companies have decreased the size of their staff. As a result, core employees are stretched thin, resulting in increased stress levels, lower productivity, missed work, and ultimately, turnover. The addition of temporary personnel can relieve this pressure, help your core employees avoid burnout, avoid productivity losses, and limit turnover expenses.

Cheat Sheet on the benefits of partnering with Elevateth Staffing:

1. Elevateth Staffing offers clients a "just in time" staffing solution, with direct access to more qualified people than any large employer!
2. We can accommodate various budgets by offering aggressive prices.
3. Our flexibility allows you to attend to other priorities.
4. At Elevateth Staffing, we extend our clients protection from the very real risks associated with employer/employee relationships;
5. Your secrets are safe with us. Elevateth Staffing provides contractual protection from Intellectual Property (IP) issues, non-competes, non-solicitations etc.
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